Super Science and Amazing Art

You found us. Let's take it further!

  • Be Entertaining and students will learn

  • Break down information in to bits to make bytes to make megabytes and so on
  • Show the origin of abstract symbols and ideas so its clear how we got where we are so the students can take it further

  • Let students show what they know
  • Keep it simple

  • Keep it short

  • Teach Passion
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    Website Under Construction Oct. 9th, 2015
    2015 sees the redesign of our website. Take a look around and let us know what you think. more

    Summer Camps May 25th, 2015
    From Robotics to movie making to kitchen chemistry. Get involved this summer with Super Science Summer Camps! more


    Birthday Parties
    The Birthday Child and their guest will participate in experiments and games that are entertaining as well as educational. 

    Mr. Glen and Ninja Turtle at a birthday party.

    Camps are filled with hands on educational experiments and projects, outside activities, and character building exercises.


    Kids playing with dry ice experiment.

    Staff Development

    The unique combination of humor and simple effective tips and tricks will leave your teachers and employees inspired and eager to share.

    Mr. Glen's test tube experiment.

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