Youth Teaching Assistants

We are currently looking for responsible and highly motivated pre-teens, teenagers and young adults to assist with Summer Camp. Youth Teaching Assistants (YTA) are ages 12 and older and offer support to the instructors. YTA options will be available from June 5 - August 11, 2017 on a weekly basis. Summer camp sessions meet for a five-day week, Monday through Friday. There is no camp on the week of July 4th, July 3-7. Summer camp sessions are held at three different locations throughout southwest Florida, Four Freedoms Park of Cape Coral, The Village School of Naples, and Norris Community Center of Naples.

It's a Great Experience!


Serving as a YTA provides an extraordinary way for teens to be involved with a professional organization, Super Science and Amazing Art. YTAs befriend, help, and act as role models for younger children. Assisting a professional instructor, YTAs are introduced to the world of teaching. The wide range of programs offer YTAs the opportunity to experience and learn about new subject areas or increase and share their understanding of a more familiar subject such as art, science, or theater. YTAs earn community service credits and also have an intriguing experience to add to a resume or application for college or a future job.


How to Apply


Submit an online YTA Application.

Applications must be submitted by May 1st and volunteers will be notified via email by May 15th.


Youth Teaching Assistant (YTA) Responsibilities


  1. Arrive at 8:15 am on Mondays and 8:30 am the rest of the week.

    During this time, you will help the instructor prepare for the class. Check with the instructor for specific needs and assignments. During this time you may also meet with the other YTAs depending on the number enrolled.


  2. Be prepared for the arrival of campers.

    Have the sign-in/sign-out sheet in hand and be stationed in front of the Classroom by 9:00 am. Check in each camper upon arrival and provide supervision for the campers.


  3. You are responsible for each child's whereabouts at ALL TIMES.

    Take the participants to the restroom (students under 8). Also act as a "go for" if necessary.


  4. Be active, engaging and participate, as the instructors require.

    Don't just watch. BE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for the younger participants.


  5. Assist with outside time in the park.

    Keep tally of campers, have a positive attitude, and help the instructors as requested. Always leave a note on the door of the classroom when the class goes out, informing people where the camp group has gone, when you left, and when you expect to return.


  6. Oversee the lunch hour with leading in safe games and organized activities.

    All full day camps will have lunch at a designated location.


  7. Assist the instructor with class clean up.

    Classrooms MUST be left CLEAN. Please see the Room Cleaning Policy for details.


  8. Supervise drop-off at the close of camp.

    You will assist the instructor to ensure that each child leaves with the correct adult from the sign in sheet.


  9. PROMPTNESS and ATTENDANCE are musts.

    Not adhering to the schedule is cause for dismissal as it could jeopardize the safety of the campers.


  10. Dress code is informal, but neat.

    Short shorts, torn jeans, spaghetti strap tank tops and shirts that expose midriffs are NOT considered appropriate for camp.


  11. Bring a non-perishable lunch and drink(s) with you each day.

    Please keep in mind that full-day YTAs must be with the campers for their entire lunch period so plan accordingly.


  12. Mobile phone use must be limited to break times or emergencies.

    Please do not use during the times when you are attending to campers, especially drop-off and pick-up times.







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